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About JMD Janitorial

We are a fully licensed and insured janitorial company with years of experience in all aspects of commercial janitorial cleaning. Our team is skilled in providing health and safety solutions for office buildings, warehouses, schools, fitness centers, medical facilities, and more



Our Services

General Office Cleaning

JMD Janitorial is a full-service janitorial and commercial cleaning company providing a wide array of services in Mercer County, NJ. 

We are committed to providing you the highest quality service at competitive and fair prices. We'll tackle office building cleaning tasks such as:

and more!

School Cleaning

Since 2018, we've been dedicated to making educational organizations in the Mercer County area cleaner.

At JMD Janitorial, we believe that cleanliness is the key to a successful school. We use EPA-approved disinfectants that kill 99.9% of bacteria to keep your school clean, healthy, and free of pathogens. Our janitorial services are designed to keep your staff and students safe by ensuring your school is thoroughly cleaned and fully disinfected. In fact, we offer a wide variety of commercial cleaning services for any size organization, including multi-building campuses. 

Gym & Fitness Center Cleaning

Healthy people are the foundation of healthy businesses. JMD Janitorial understands this, which is why we work hard to provide Mercer County’s gyms, fitness centers, and studios with a clean environment that supports their success.

At JMD Janitorial, we take pride in the quality and timeliness of out work! Our custodians have completed extensive training and are certified professionals who know what it takes to keep your facility as clean as possible

Electrostatic Disinfecting 

We believe in a proactive approach to keeping you and your employees healthy. If you want to avoid the spread of the flu, common cold, and/or COVID-19 in your establishment, we offer disinfecting services that are effective and will not disturb your workflow.

When disinfecting your space, our cleaning experts use an electrostatic sprayer to evenly coat and completely cover your high-touch surfaces with a very fine mist of professional-grade disinfectant that is known to kill bacteria and viruses in minutes. This service is great for keeping you, your employees, and any visitors safe from germs that cause the flu, common cold, and COVID-19.

Our disinfecting services are provided using EPA-registered products and equipment and all-surface cleaning practices, so your employees and visitors are protected from germs and harmful toxins.


How We Care For Our Clients

Top-Notch Customer Service

You deserve a dependable, detail-oriented, high-performing, and efficient janitorial and commercial cleaning company, so you can focus on the things that really matter. JMD Janitorial makes it a priority to provide exactly that.

Fair & Honest Pricing

We’re not looking to overcharge, under-deliver, or exploit our clients. We prefer to price our services according to your budget and scope of work. That's how we're able to provide you with competitive, fair, and honest prices!

Local Community Involvement

JMD Janitorial understands the importance of giving back to the community. We pride ourselves in sponsoring local community organizations, participating in local community projects, and supporting local businesses.


Our Results





Client Review from Lisa Prenata

"I work in a large corporate building and JMD Janitorial is the cleaning service. Prior to them being hired, the building floor was always dirty as were the bathrooms. I must say that the floors sparkle now and the bathrooms are very clean and even smell good! Everyone that I have come in contact with from this company is very friendly and professional! I am treated with respect as they will ask if they can vacuum prior to doing so in case I need to make phone calls. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a cleaning job well done!!" 


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Client Review from Malik Tucker

"I'm an essential worker (security officer) and let me just say that JMD janitorial are if not th best then one of th best cleaning services around. Not only do they go above and beyond for their clients but they also make sure that in the middle of a pandemic that workers (such as myself) can come to work in a clean work environment and remind covid free. Overall rating 10 of 10


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